Old School Games officially launched at Hal-Con 2014. We provided aracade games for the arcade at the event and saw 7000 people at the three-day event.

We have a number of arcade games on location throughout the city now. We rent, restore, repair and even sell classic arcade cabinets and moderns multi-game machines. These machines feature timeless arcade games, modern comfortable controls and often custom artwork!

Old School Games aims to share the classic games we grew up with and love – with those who also love them. We hope to educate our children about where modern games evolved from – and give them a chance to play the classics too!

Though the graphics and sound in some of these titles may be primitive by today’s standards – Atari, Namco, Konami, Nintendo and Sega released some of the most original, imaginative, creative and down-right fun games of all time as arcades.

We also hope to educate people about these games, and the history of video games in general. As we build our game collection, we will also be building an extensive library that will include detailed data on the history of video games, as well as information, tips, and cheats for a wide variety of classic games.