Hey guys – great news this week for Old School Games! Mortal Kombat (the original) is now up and running! I’ve been puttering around with this for months, and finally all the hard work has come to fruition! I’ve also got another Classic Multigame board up and running as well. Right now, I’m on track to have a total of 8 games ready for our official business launch at Hal-Con, here at the WTCC in Halifax next month.




Old School Games Featured in a local Halifax Gaming Documentary!

Check us out in local filmaker Justin Swinamer’s Halifax Vintage Gaming Documentary!

Fighting Hawk Build – A sneak peek!

Here is a walk-through of the custom paint for my Fighting Hawk mini-cab. It was hard to source any artwork for this rare game, but I managed to find a representative image, and ‘make it my own’ for the sideart on this sturdy little mini-cabinet.

At this point the art is incomplete, but I will update the gallery as it is finished (within the next week.)

500-in-1 Multicade Custom Paint

Here is a walk-through of the custom paint for my 500-in-1 cab. I chose characters from the games on this PCB that I liked the most, and drew them up to represent on the sideart. In this particular collection, I’ve tired to show the outlining process, character by character to show how essential it is to really make the art pop. Enjoy.

Phoenix Custom Paint

This Phoenix mini-cab features a replication of the original art – simplified and scaled down for a smaller cabinet.

60-in-1 Rebuild from the ground up

This is the first cabinet to undergo the full treatment. As a result, it took MONTHS, and is mostly documented here. The 60-in-1 features a monster CRT monitor on it’s side, stripped down to the essentials. It’s one heavy beast, but a ton of fun to play!

AubCon TODAY!!

Calling all old school gamers!! There’s a Con today in Dartmouth at Auburn Drive High School. I’ll be there with a few arcade machines for a bit of a pre-launch of Old School Games.

There will also be tons of comics, cosplay, nerf battles, video games, anime, animation and general geeky goodness. Be sure to pop in and check it out if you’re in town. $10 cover and $5 for the kiddies. The con runs from noon till 8pm.

Learn more at www.facebook.com/aubcon!

Oh – and leave your quarters at home. All games will be on free play or have credits in them already.

Hope to see you there!!

Other Cabinets

So, the last number of posts have all showcased the cabinets that are to some extent, up and running.

Now here are the dead ones. Some of which I’d love to see live again, and others I’d be willing to part with. Make me an offer!

I’ve got a RoadBlasters, Sly Spy, 2 Gimmie a Breaks, 2 Mini Golfs, and an empty ‘Video Expert’ cab. I’ve also got the supercool ‘Brain Machine’ which can apparently let me test games… I wish I has the first clue how to use it. Anyone? Little help?

Heavy Unit

This Robotech rip-off puts you in control of a ship that can turn into a robot! Well, so they say.

This particular cabinet is having a variety of graphics problems.

Where to begin?


Yes, it’s VULGUS! Capcom’s first-ever video game. Well, kind of. This cabinet is currently experiencing technical difficulties…

The graphics look bad. Like, not 80’s arcade game bad, but chunky giant pixel bad. What up with that?