Mystery Cabinet?

Well, it says it’s SCRAMBLE, but I have a feeling it’s not. This game is working, aside from the fact that it is playing blind. Anyone recognize the music? I’d love to know what this game is!

Side Pocket

This is another game that is currently playing blind…

Big Run

Big Run – an original cabinet in great condition that SOUNDS great. Yup, when I boot this up the game works in all regards and sounds so fun – but all I see is red. What’s up with that?

Fighting Hawk

This cool vertical shoot ’em up has some horizontal hold issues. I’ve adjusted the potentiometers, but I can’t get a bead on it. Cap kit maybe? Little help?



This cool little mini-cabinet features a side-to-side joystick and a smaller size and screen. Phoenix boots up fine, but there are diagonal purple lines on the screen. Anyone able to help me diagnose and fix this little guy?


When I got WonderBoy, the screen was having v-hold issues. I’d been watching instructional repair videos for weeks at this point, and knew what to do.

I started by drilling out the locks, as I had no keys for this game. I then went to adjust the potentiometers but soon realized the arcade chasis was jammed in right under the monitor yoke – and I didn’t feel comfortable sticking a screwdriver in there… I had to move the chasis to the side, and to do this I had to discharge the 30,000 Volt monitor. The thought of doing this turned my stomach. Amongst the haul was a homemade tool – a screw driver with a wire taped to it….

So I went out and bought lined rubber gloves. None of that latex crap, I searched out RUBBER on the shelf, and paid the extra to pick these bad boys up. I put them on, and hooked my frayed wire end to the cabinet framework. I took a few steps back, and tentatively poked my old chipped screwdriver under the rubber edge on the anode cup on the monitor. ┬áNothing. No ‘Pop!’. I waited a few minutes, and did it again. This time with more authority and confidence. Still no pop… I waited and did it a third time, just for good luck, and popped the cup right off with the screwdriver. Monitor safely discharged.

Note, I’ve discharged a few more cabinets since, and the more I do, the more comfortable and confident I am with it. I don’t bother with the gloves, and believe I may [...]

The Big Haul of Arcade Cabinets

Being an avid gamer since getting a Commodore 64 at the tender age of 6, I’m always keeping my eye out for deals on console systems and games. One day while perusing my local Kijiji page, I came across a motherlode of arcade cabinets fairly cheaply priced. Upon meeting the seller and looking over the goods, I made a lo-ball offer to take everything – and that’s where the Arcade Saga began…

When I made the offer, I really didn’t expect him to take it. When he did, the panic began to creep in. I hadn’t cleared this decision with my family, which was not good. I also really didn’t have a spot to put all these things. Also not good. I have a tendency to make impulsive decisions sometimes (something I’m working on) and this one turning out to be a doozy so far.

My good buddy (with a truck) helped me load everything up and bring it home. I crammed everything into a rec room in the basement, and started making room throughout my house and shed to store these bad boys. As of today, there are 3 in my office, 5 in the rec room, and 8 in the shed.

I’m currently working on a deal with a local arcade owner to send 3 or 4 of the best cabinets out into the world, going to a arcades or private business (on a rental basis). Halifax is fortunate to have someone in this business right now, and our thinking runs parallel on bringing the classics back to the people (on a rental basis).

In fact, I’m also working on another-game related project that aims to bring classic console rentals back to Canadians. Think GameFly or [...]