Here at Old School Games, we get a ton of questions. Below are the answers to the most common ones we receive:

Q: What type of services do you offer?
A: Old School Games is an online store and Canada’s largest online classic video game rental service. Depending on your location, Old School Games offers different services. We are currently offer the following accounts:

  • Gold Account – Our premium console game rental account. Allows you to have 4 games out simultaneously for any systems. (Canada only)
  • Silver Account – Our most popular account allows you to have 2 games out at a time for any systems. (Canada only)
  • FREE Account – The FREE account gives you access to special content, our newsletter and grants you the ability to participate in the Old School Games community. (Available in Canada and the US)

Q: Are there any shipping fees to rent games?
A: No. Shipping is free. All rentals will also come with a pre-paid return envelope for each game. Please put each game in its individual envelope before dropping them in the mail.
Q: When and how do I get my game rentals?
A: The first step is to build your Game Queue (more details below), which is the list of games you wish to rent. We require a minimum of 10 released games to ensure a continuous service. All games are shipped by mail via Canada Post and shipping times depend on your geographical location. Since we are located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, we estimate shipping times to be 1-5 business days for major metropolitan areas in Canada. If you are outside a major metropolitan area, it is difficult to estimate shipping times because they depend on the speed of your local mail service.
Q: How does the Game Queue system work?
A: You must select a minimum of 10 released games to start with. We ship games starting from the top of your list, depending on the availability of each release. For example, if the #1 game in your list cannot be shipped, we move to the second one and so on.
Q: How long can I keep the games?
A: You can keep a game an hour, a week, a year, it’s up to you! As long as you’re a paying member, there are no due dates or late fees.
Q: How do I send back a game?
A: Every game comes with its own pre-paid envelope and protective sleeve. Simply put the return envelope in a Canada Post mailbox or drop it at any post office once you’re done. Mailing instructions are also shown directly on the game sleeve.
Q: What if I am missing a CD sleeve or a return envelope?
A: Please contact us here so we can send a replacement. It is important not to send back games without the CD sleeve, in another envelope than the Old School Games envelope or put multiple games in the same envelope. If we receive a broken game, it can be charged to your account.
Q: What if a game is damaged during transit or unplayable?
A: Since all games are inspected daily, games leaving our company are usually in perfect condition. However, it can happen that a game is damaged during transit and becomes unplayable. If you are an active Rental member, we will generally assume the cost of a broken game. Please let us know if you receive a damaged or unplayable game so we can take note of it and send you a replacement in a timely manner.
Q: Do you rent consoles and accessories?
A: We are working towards opening a brick-and-mortar location in Halifax, Nova Scotia that will encompass a video game museum, arcade, playable console games, as well as a rental counter for console, games and arcade cabinets. As we get closer to this ambitious goal, we will begin accepting donations in the form of games, systems, money and even encouragement and support from the local gaming community.
Q: How can I cancel my Rental account?
A: You may downgrade to a Free account at any time by calling us at 1-902-476-2004, Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm, Atlantic Time. Please make sure you contact us at least 72h before your renewal date on a business day.

Important: Upon cancelling, you will have 10 days to get your remaining game(s) back to us. Failure to do so will result in an additional monthly charge until all games have been returned. When terminating a Rental account, we also highly suggest you send back your last game(s) using Canada Post Xpresspost. For a low fee, the game(s) will be insured for damages or loss up to $100. Please also keep your receipt since it will contain proof as well as your tracking number. If you cannot provide proof that you sent your package via a traceable shipping method, you will be fully liable for the cost of any lost or damaged game(s).

Q: What are your thoughts on emulation? Can't most of these game be emulated on a PC?
A: We at Old School Games do not support game emulation. Not only is it illegal, but it also isn’t much fun. We believe that there is nothing like holding an original game cartridge in your hands, popping in your console system, and picking up that old trusty original controller to play. Our clients tend to be game purists, collectors and parents sharing the classics with their children. All of our clients are people of high moral integrity that love to game and don’t wish to break the law.

By offering our services, we actually hope to reduce demand for emulation – by providing a large library of original, classic, popular and rare games that may have been otherwise attainable only via emulators in the past.