Arcade Cabinet and Retro Console Rentals

At Rich Graphics, we rent all sorts of video games and systems for all manner of events and parties. With a stock of dozens of classic arcade cabinets, scores of classic gaming consoles and hundreds of video games to choose from – we likely have the games that you love… and would love to play again! With a heavy focus on the games of the 80’s and 90’s, our library spans decades and generations of video gaming.

We rent arcade cabinets and retro consoles by the day, weekend, month or even year. Our equipment is reliable, and our technical expertise is second to none. Our machines can be played annually at Hal-Con and Caper-Con where we are their trusted video game partner. We also provide equipment and expertise to The Arcave in Truro – a really cool retro arcade and gaming centre. Here in Halifax, we also cater to birthday parties, 80’s parties, office events, college events and more.