Hey guys – great news this week for Old School Games! Mortal Kombat (the original) is now up and running! I’ve been puttering around with this for months, and finally all the hard work has come to fruition! I’ve also got another Classic Multigame board up and running as well. Right now, I’m on track to have a total of 8 games ready for our official business launch at Hal-Con, here at the WTCC in Halifax next month.




The Big Haul of Arcade Cabinets

Being an avid gamer since getting a Commodore 64 at the tender age of 6, I’m always keeping my eye out for deals on console systems and games. One day while perusing my local Kijiji page, I came across a motherlode of arcade cabinets fairly cheaply priced. Upon meeting the seller and looking over the goods, I made an offer to take everything – and that’s where the Arcade Saga began…

When I made the offer, I really didn’t expect him to take it. When he did, the panic began to creep in. I hadn’t cleared this decision with my family, which was not good. I also really didn’t have a spot to put all these things. Also not good. I have a tendency to make impulsive decisions sometimes (something I’m working on) and this one turning out to be a doozy so far.

My good buddy (with a truck) helped me load everything up and bring it home. I crammed everything into a rec room in the basement, and started making room throughout my house and shed to store these bad boys. As of today, there are 3 in my office, 5 in the rec room, and 8 in the shed.

I’m currently working on a deal with a local arcade owner to send 3 or 4 of the best cabinets out into the world, going to a arcades or private business (on a rental basis). Halifax is fortunate to have someone in this business right now, and our thinking runs parallel on bringing the classics back to the people (on a rental basis).

In fact, I’m also working on another-game related project that aims to bring classic console rentals back to Canadians. Think GameFly or GameAccess [...]