Rentals – It’s what we do

Whether you are having an 80’s party at the office, celebrating a birthday, or just want to do something different for the weekend – a retro gaming rental may be for you! Relive the glory playing from our vast selection of games for all the systems you remember! Get a round of Contra in with a friend on the classic Nintendo NES, or go head-to-head in Super Smash Bros. Melee on the GameCube. Or keep it classic with a large arcade cabinet featuring Pac Man, Donkey Kong or Space Invaders… the options are endless!

Arcade Cabinet Rentals

Most of our arcade cabinets are straight out of the 80’s, giving that true retro feel. But don’t let their looks fool you – each machine has been lovingly restored and all hardware within has been upgraded to modern standards. Each boasting new joysticks, buttons, monitors, zippy switches, PSUs and jamma harnesses, they are ready for another 40+ years of play. Only the shells and the PCBs remain original in most of these bad boys.

We are also working on a new batch of innovative arcade machines, that callback to the old days, but will be more modular and manageable for events around the province and beyond. Stay tuned to our blog, or subscribe to the newsletter for updates!

Retro Console Rentals

Believe it or not, not everyone grew up in the golden age of arcades. Many kindled their love for gaming in their very own homes, using video game consoles. Rich Graphics boasts a vast collection of consoles and games that spans generations. Looking to play some E.T. on Atari or Super Mario 3 on Nintendo? How about going head to head in MarioKart on Super Nintendo, or stepping it up to MarioKart 64 on Nintedo 64? Or do you prefer Sega Master System, Genesis, Saturn or Dreamcast?

Our game library is ever-expanding, at at your fingertips when you rent a classic console. They are great for 80’s parties, 90’s parties, and themed events. And they are larger than life when paired with a projector! Be sure to book in advance to guarantee the titles you want!