When I got WonderBoy, the screen was having v-hold issues. I’d been watching instructional repair videos for weeks at this point, and knew what to do.

I started by drilling out the locks, as I had no keys for this game. I then went to adjust the potentiometers but soon realized the arcade chasis was jammed in right under the monitor yoke – and I didn’t feel comfortable sticking a screwdriver in there… I had to move the chasis to the side, and to do this I had to discharge the 30,000 Volt monitor. The thought of doing this turned my stomach. Amongst the haul was a homemade tool – a screw driver with a wire taped to it….

So I went out and bought lined rubber gloves. None of that latex crap, I searched out RUBBER on the shelf, and paid the extra to pick these bad boys up. I put them on, and hooked my frayed wire end to the cabinet framework. I took a few steps back, and tentatively poked my old chipped screwdriver under the rubber edge on the anode cup on the monitor. ┬áNothing. No ‘Pop!’. I waited a few minutes, and did it again. This time with more authority and confidence. Still no pop… I waited and did it a third time, just for good luck, and popped the cup right off with the screwdriver. Monitor safely discharged.

Note, I’ve discharged a few more cabinets since, and the more I do, the more comfortable and confident I am with it. I don’t bother with the gloves, and believe I may have done one in my bathrobe at one point now…

Anyways, in the end I got the chasis moved, and adjusted the crap out of the game. It’s now up and running, and is the only game without any issues. It also holds memories for me… First time I played it I was 8 on a summer camping trip in PEI. Like most kids of my generation, I quickly located the small arcade in the laundry shed, and blew most of my allowance running, jumping, and flinging axes at snails… Good times. And part of the reason I’m an advocate to keep delivering the classics to the kids and kids at heart of today..